Get Your Brakes Looked at Today

Have you noticed some type of squealing when you press down on your brakes? It could be that your brake pads have worn down, or there might be another issue. You won’t know for sure until you get it checked out. However, if you are driving around with no brake pads or worn rotors, you’re just causing more damage to your vehicle. Eventually, your car won’t be able to stop without good brakes. In these situations, you’re putting your life in danger.

Getting your brakes checked out is a normal part of any vehicle inspection. When you take your car in for a checkup, you should make sure that they perform a brake inspection. You could be driving around on worn-out brake pads without even knowing it. This will cause further damage to your rotors, such as warping.

When you want to keep driving but have bad brakes, it’s not a good thing to wait. You should get this checked immediately to avoid more costly repairs. Stop by the friendly service department at Tri-Star located in the Western Pennsylvania area to get your brakes looked at today.

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