Nissan Versa Note Performance Features

Have you seen the latest Nissan lineup? The Versa has been receiving rave reviews for its performance and affordability. Many drivers have noted that the Versa has more fuel efficiency and a few different trims to choose from. If you are thinking about getting a higher performance vehicle, you may want to look at the Versa Note hatchback. This style is sportier, and while it does start off with the same 1.6-liter four-cylinder as the Versa, it’s much faster and responsive to some drivers.

You’ll be able to experience better handling with the Note as well. With its responsive steering and fast acceleration, you’ll easily get across town and back without much fuss. There are also a ton of new safety features for drivers. You’ll be able to get more performance from the SV CVT version which includes an automatic transmission.

The Nissan Versa Note is ready for you to test drive. Why not take it for a spin at Tri-Star located in the Western Pennsylvania area? You’ll have a fun experience and get a great deal.

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