Slowing Down To Prevent Hydroplaning

When there's water on the road, it's possible to hydroplane at any time while you're driving. First, you need to reduce your speed while on the road in Western Pennsylvania if you begin driving in the rain. If you need to speed up at any time, it can increase your chances of hydroplaning.

Make sure your tires are rotated regularly and are in good condition. Slick tires or those that have little tread on them can make it difficult to maintain control of your car when there's water on the road. Tri-Star can examine your tires and rotate them when you get your oil changed, replacing your tires if needed.

Another way to avoid hydroplaning is to not use the cruise control feature on your vehicle. It usually takes a bit longer for your vehicle to slow down if cruise control is set, which could be an even longer length of time if it's raining.

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