Tips for a Great Winter Survival Kit!

Sometimes traveling in bad weather is unavoidable. We at Tri-Star recommend making a winter survival kit, so you are ready for an emergency. Customize your emergency kit with items for children, supplies for pets, prescriptions, and travel to remote destinations.

Keep a spare tire, jack, tools, jumper cables and fluids in your vehicle. A shovel and ice scraper are also essential for snowy months. Some mountain passes need tire chains and a tow rope is good to have if you get stuck on ice or in the snow. A full tank of gas and a charged cell phone are ideal for winter emergencies on the road.

Your passengers may get nervous, hungry, or hurt. Prepare for these situations with a first aid kit and supplies to keep them busy while they wait for help. Pillows and blankets will keep your passengers comfortable in colder weather. You should also have food, water and proper clothing for everyone in your vehicle.

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