The Science Behind Auto-Dimming Mirrors

At first glance, auto-dimming mirrors seem like magic. Auto-dimming models automatically turn dark when light projects onto them. What makes them work is not rocket science, but it is an interesting type of technology.

Have you ever been nearly blinded when driving at night due to the headlight glare from another vehicle? This wouldn't happen with auto-dimming mirrors. These mirrors have a special type of gel inserted between the glass panes. The gel undergoes a process called electrochromism when a charge is issued from the light sensors. When the charge hits, it prompts an oxidation-reduction process. This is what causes the mirror's surface to turn from a normal look to a dark tone.

The darker hue of an auto-dimming mirror helps keep glare off the driver's face. This allows the driver to see clearly in the darkness of the night. It might seem like this is revolutionary technology, but it has actually been around since the 1980s. It's a safety feature you can't ignore!

If you are in Blairsville, Kittanning, Johnstown, Greensburg, Indiana, Somerset, Tyrone or Uniontown, PA area and want to try a vehicle with auto-dimming mirrors, contact Tri-Star. Our dealership can show you a model that offers the auto-dimming mirror feature.

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