The Best Windshield Wipers for Winter Driving

Are your windshield wipers worn out? Do they stick to your windshield on cold mornings or make noise when you use them? Tri-Star wants drivers to stay safe this winter, so today we're going to talk about winter windshield wipers.

There are two types of windshield wipers. One is the traditional wiper blade. Traditional wiper blades have a steel frame with a series of claws to hold the blade in place. This type of wiper blade works well in warm weather. In the winter, however, ice and snow accumulate in the wipers' framework. The wipers drag this snow and ice across your windshield, obscuring your vision. Traditional wipers also have a natural rubber squeegee that sticks to windshields in cold weather. Beam wiper blades are designed for winter driving.

Beam blades don't have any exposed framework, so there is no chance of ice and snow getting stuck to these blades. They also feature a synthetic rubber squeegee that doesn't freeze to windshields in inclement weather.

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