Cargo Space For A Win In The Ford EcoSport

There are several new features of the Ford EcoSport that make it feel more like a sedan instead of an SUV or a crossover. You'll have more cargo space in the back of the vehicle without sacrificing the overall design. All-wheel-drive is an option with all packages instead of only with the upgraded models.

A hotspot is a standard feature in the vehicle, which means that you're going to be able to use your mobile device to get important information while you're driving, such as directions and details about where destinations are located.

If you want to compare the interior style of the EcoSport to other vehicles, then think of the Ford Escape as the two are closely related. Keep in mind that the rear legroom of the EcoSport is a bit smaller than in the Escape. However, you do have almost the same amount of cargo space inside if you fold down the rear seats, which is a detail that Tri-Star can help with.

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