The Dodge Durango Highlight Fuel Economy

Fuel economy factors into consumer buying decisions. Mid-size SUV fans want the performance and interior benefits but may worry about how much fuel costs. The exceptional fuel efficiency of the Dodge Durango should appeal to budget-conscious SUV fans.

The average city and highway miles for the Dodge Durango reveal an efficient model. City driving presents 19 miles per gallon. When traveling on the highway and not dealing with congestion, red lights, or stop signs, the SUV gets 26 miles per gallon. A combo of both is 21 mpg.

If you are considering buying a Durango, be aware there are two engines available. The previous information refers to the six-cylinder engine. An eight-cylinder engine caters to those interested in more power. The added power means slightly less fuel efficiency, but fans of ultra-powerful vehicles realize this.

Discover your own experiences driving the Dodge Durango. We here at Tri-Star believe you'll find the SUV impressive.

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