Checking the Weight

When you're towing a camper, you can't simply connect it to your vehicle and drive along on the road. There are a few things that you need to do to prepare your vehicle so that it can safely haul the camper and to protect the camper as well.

In order to drive your vehicle, in a safe manner, you need to securely hitch the camper. Use the proper equipment that you can get from Tri-Star, and make sure everything is the correct size so that it fits snugly together instead of being too loose or too tight. Check the distribution of weight in the camper to ensure that one side isn't heavier than the other.

Get inside your vehicle to check that you can clearly see around all sides of the camper. You can attach a mirror on the camper to allow for more viewing coverage it needed. There are also mirrors that you can attach to your personal vehicle for more clearance as well.

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