Prevent Salt Corrosion on Your Car

Drivers in our area frequently visit with the professional team at Tri-Star about preventing sale corrosion on their cars during the wintertime. One of the key ways in which salt corrosion can be minimized is by taking a truly proactive stance to prevent it in the first instance.

A key proactive step to take to prevent salt corrosion is to ensure that your car has a proper coating of finish protectant all of the time. In addition, salt corrosion can be proactively prevented via waxing your car before the start of the winter months. In addition, you should ensure that your car routinely is waxed at least every six months throughout the course of the year.

Another tactic you need to employ to prevent salt corrosion is the thorough washing of your car. You should wash your car at least every 10 days in the wintertime.

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