How Important is Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement?

Worn wiper blades can make it impossible for you to see clearly when streaks and blurry spots block your field of vision.

The rubber components of the wiper blades will eventually break down to oxidation or damage from the sun. Add into the mix that each time the blades cross the windshield they are wearing too, and you see why it is so important to have them changed often.

Once the wiper blades become brittle, they no longer hug the glass surface and start leaving behind blurry spots that make it impossible to see in front of you. If you are using the wiper fluid or driving in the rain, those streaks across your field of vision will make it much more difficult to be able to drive safely.

If you are having trouble seeing when it's raining, bring the car to Tri-Star so we can replace those worn wiper blades.

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